Descriptive of persons, things or situations having a deep emotional resonance, psychologically associated with experiences of the self; spiritual or supernatural; surpassing comprehension or understanding; mysterious: that element in artistic expression that remains numinous.

Numinous comes from Latin numinosum, referring to a dynamic agency or effect independent of the conscious will.

Hello! I’m Karen, a holistic psychotherapist. You probably found me because you’re looking for something beyond talk therapy. Maybe you’re functioning well, but struggling with some aspect of your life: relationships, stress, anxiety, depression, past trauma, family wounding, or life purpose. Or, maybe you’re not functioning well and traditional therapy has failed to help. Your story and the places that you get stuck are unique, and I love to discover how. I believe that the purpose of therapy is ultimately to feel well, balanced, and vital so you can share your highest potential with the world. In our work together, I help you move past problems and obstacles and into more clarity in your body, more aliveness in relationships, and more connected to your life’s purpose. We will go beyond just sitting and talking.