50-minute and 80-minute therapy sessions are offered weekly, or more as needed.

Please note: due to COVID-19, sessions are primarily held online and by phone. Online and phone sessions are held via confidential, HIPAA-compliant platforms. You must reside in the state of California to receive services with me.

In-person sessions are also available, on a limited basis. In-person sessions are held outdoors in Santa Monica; or at my Sawtelle office when bodywork is the preferred mode of treatment.

Weekly Therapy for Individual Adults and Teens

Specializations include…
Ancestral and Personal Trauma | Creativity | Grief | Relationships | Sexuality
Exploration and Integration of Psychedelic / Entheogenic experiences
Life Transitions | Anxiety | Depression | Addiction | Chronic Illness | Life purpose

Weekly Therapy for Couples and Families

Specializations include…
Communication | Sexual Expression and Satisfaction
Codependency and Enmeshment | Non-Traditional Relationships | Infidelity
Ancestral Trauma | Multi-Cultural Blending | Family Planning | Marriage Counseling

Community Groups

Check back soon for upcoming groups.

Rosen Method Bodywork

Rosen Method bodywork (RMB) is a somatic therapy that combines gentle touch and reflective talk. RMB is a method of working with body and mind simultaneously, addressing muscle tension as the physical manifestation of long held attitudes, beliefs, and emotional blockages. RMB can be incorporated into a long-term course of therapy or as a stand-alone treatment, depending on your individual needs and goals.

Specializations Include…
Physical and Sexual Trauma | Dissociation | Emotional Intimacy and Attachment
Chronic Pain | Chronic Tension | Frequent Headaches | Postural Habits
Numbness (both physical and emotional) | (Non-Diet Related) Digestive Issues

Through listening to the truth of the body,
it is possible to discover what we can do,
who we can be, what we can experience,
how we can love.

—Marion Rosen