My Approach

Healing is a process of exploration, observation and integration, in relationship with oneself and a trusted other. Rather than viewing symptoms or suffering as something to be “fixed”, I view symptoms as the creative expression of the unconscious calling us inward.

My therapeutic approach is holistic and eclectic. Shaped by social justice ideologies, rooted in somatic and depth psychotherapies, and influenced by various wisdom traditions, my approach aims to explore the entire constellation of your journey. In our work, we will explore your life through five distinct elements: mind, body, spirit, community, and environment, with attention to both your suffering and your goals.

A typical session involves talk, in addition to somatic and / or creative exercises. Somatic and creative exercises allow us to drop below the conscious mind (default-mode network), and access the deeper parts of ourselves to weave real, lasting change. These exercises, which are tailored to your preferences and needs, are always offered as options and not requirements.

Somatic Psychotherapy

Utilizes neuroscience and embodiment practices to guide the therapeutic process. Somatic psychotherapy may incorporate mindfulness, movement practices, breath work, and therapeutic touch. Somatic psychotherapy is particularly effective for symptoms related to trauma, anxiety and depression, because neural pathways are formed through experience, and somatic exercises provide the necessary experiences for change.

Depth Psychotherapy

Explores the subtle, unconscious, and transpersonal aspects of human experience. Depth psychotherapy utilizes various therapeutic traditions to explore the unconscious. This approach may incorporate dream work, exploration of imaginative processes, and archetypes. Depth psychotherapy is particularly helpful in serving one’s creative process and development of personal narrative.

One does not become enlightened
by imagining figures of light,
but making the darkness conscious.

—Carl Jung